14th Sunday in Ordinary Time — Pastor’s Homily

On this Independence Day weekend, we can think of some realities that are important for the United States and for our Christian faith, but in very different ways. For example: Freedom. Justice. Peace.
Today all of our readings speak of peace. In the Gospel, the disciple is called to extend peace to all those they meet.
For the Christian, peace is both an obligation for us and a promise of a future peace.
We are in the world to make a difference, to take care of the world and especially the vulnerable, to share the blessings of creation, but at the same time we know that what we experience here on earth isn’t the complete reality.
When we work to align ourselves more and more to the ways of God, we develop the art of living in the present moment and awaiting the world to come.
For us as Christians, every day is Interdependence Day. We depend on God for everything, but we act with the energy and purpose as if everything depended on us.

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