27th Sunday in Ordinary Time — Pastor’s Homily

Sometimes when a person, such as an emergency professional — police, fire, first responders — runs inside a building and saves someone’s life, for example, the hero is interviewed and he or she says, “I was only doing my job.” They want nothing extra, they truly believe that this courageous action was simply part of their obligation and responsibility.

This is the spirit of the Gospel today. Once again Jesus has difficult words for his disciples. The disciples want something special — more faith, but behind it maybe ambition, privilege – yet Jesus says you have everything you need in this moment. With his parable of the man who is no more than a servant, he reminds his disciples — and us — that our discipleship needs to be unconditional. To adopt the spirit of the servant, “We are unprofitable servant; we have done what we obliged to do.”

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