4th Sunday in Ordinary Time — Pastor’s Homily

Jesus went up the mountain, then he sat down.  Right there, for his original listeners, these small details would indicate that something important was about to be said.

And, indeed, Jesus didn’t disappoint.

His message, now known as the Sermon on the Mount, or more simply, the Beatitudes, lives on for the centuries.

Many consider this teaching to be a mini autobiography of Jesus.

More concretely for us, it’s a call to be humble.  Humility is the foundation of the teaching.

It’s a call to community: “Blessed are they.”  We grow in Christ together.

And it’s a call to work with God in letting our character be shaped in a more godly, less worldly way.

Every All Saints’ Day, today’s Gospel is proclaimed.  If we aspire to Gospel greatness, to the communion of saints, Jesus’ teaching today is valid for every single day of the year.

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