About Ecopalms for Palm Sunday

After a year at the parish with no palms because of the pandemic lockdown, a new type of palm will be offered for 2021.

The palms that will be distributed after Mass this weekend (one per family) are “ecopalms,” fronds that were sustainably grown and gathered in Guatemala and Mexico.

The advantages to these palms include more funds going back to the growing and harvesting communities, protection of the forests from which they originate, and — we hope — an aesthetic value to those who receive them.

We placed our palm order early in the fall when Covid-19 restrictions were more severe, so we are limiting palm distribution to one per family this year.  Thank you for your flexibility and enjoy these new palms as you enter into the spirit of Holy Week!

To learn more about ecopalms, go to https://www.ecopalms.org.

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