Christmas Season Schedule

Christmas 2022 is one of those once every six or seven year Christmas Days that fall on a Sunday.  So, for ease of memory, our regular weekend schedule remains intact, with the addition of a fifth Mass on Saturday, December 24 at 3pm.  Our full schedule:


3pm- Covid-Conscious Mass (English, only instrumental music)

5pm- Children’s Christmas Mass

7pm- Spanish Mass


8am- English

12pm- Spanish


We will run our regular weekday Mass schedule throughout the Christmas Octave, but our offices will be closed until Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

The Octave culminates January 1 with the feast of Mary, Mother of God, which also falls on a Sunday.  In this instance, we will only have our regular 4 weekend Masses.  The 8am Mass on Sunday, January 1 will be contemplative in the sense of light chanting for music, a modified Lectio Divina for the Liturgy of the Word, and an extended Communion meditation which will truly be a meditation.

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