Commemorative Paver Orders

The purchase of a Commemorative Paver alongside the walkway at St. Joseph Church is a personal way to remember and honor a loved one. Engraved pavers are now available for purchase at $150 each. You can order a paver in memory or honor of a loved one through the Commemorative Paver Order Form, also available in hard copy at the church, and either pay at the time of your request or later. We will present a bulk order to the engraver, and the goal is to place that order in early February.

As of January 25, we have received approximately 30 orders for commemorative pavers to be engraved in our new walkway.

We will wait until there is a lull in orders, before placing the bulk engraving order.

Pavers are available for $150 and the commemoration wording limit is for 3 lines maximum, at 12 characters per line.

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