Contemplative Practice Program Marks One Year

For one year now, since October 1, 2020, parishioners and others come to the church every weeknight at 6pm for 25 minutes of do-it-yourself contemplative practice in the church.

Over the year, there has been at least one person every night, except for evenings that were canceled in the winter for snowstorms.  There are participants who are pretty much at the church each evening, those who are committed for one or two particular nights each week, and others who are intense for a period of time before moving on.  Participants in our contemplative practice represent the range of our parish demographic mix, united by the opportunity to pray in silence together.

Hopefully the next year of our contemplative program will bring greater fruits.  If you are interested, the church is open each weeknight evening at 6pm.  Mondays we offer the contemplative practice of Lectio Divina, and Tuesday through Friday participants are invited to pray in whatever silent form they enjoy most.

When the concluding prayer bell rings each weeknight at 6:25pm, we move next to Vespers, or Evening Prayer, in Spanish, followed by the 7pm daily Spanish Mass.

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