Help Flooding Victims in Ukraine Now

From Caritas Slovakia:

“Let’s load the truck into flooded Kherson”

Let’s help people whose homes were flooded by water from the Kachovská dam. Unfortunately, many had to leave their homes, and thus need basic equipment such as food, hygiene supplies and drinking water. According to estimates, more than 200,000 people from the area were left without it. The evacuation is still ongoing and the water is advancing. Now is the time to help.

Volunteers of the local Spišská Catholic Charity are already on site and distributing aid. For now, we in Slovakia want to load a truck with essential materials and send it to the affected Kherson region.

Please add your aid pallet to the truck. Thank you❤️

PS: Helping others brings many blessings to our lives as well.

Now, from us here in Bound Brook:  When you go to the following link, note that it is all in Slovak.  However, to donate, just hold up your phone to the page with your Google Translate app on, or, on a desktop, copy, paste and translate the pertinent financial information requested.  We’ve donated already and it is very easy.

CLICK HERE  to donate to Caritas Slovakia Ukraine flooding relief

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