Little Projects Adding Up to Beautiful Property

Projects little and large — many with the generous initiative and contribution of volunteers — have added up to make a remarkable difference around and in the church over the last several weeks.

Among the improvements:

– new external staircase on choir exit side of the church (thank you parishioner Jorge Reyes and TDS Masonry!)

-patched holes in parking lot

-mulched and cleared flower beds throughout the church property, planting of new annuals around the property (thank you hospitality ministers and family)

-repainted yellow curbs (thank you to a variety of parish volunteers)

-removal of poison ivy on the periphery of parking lot

-refurbished original confessional box in church (still in process)

These improvements are in addition to the wave of new plants — flowers, ferns, bushes and trees — planted during the spring, with the new sensory garden and accompanying commemorative walkway being the centerpiece.

Special thanks to Operations Manager Jacek Malik for overseeing, if not leading, all of these projects, and providing the preparation and after-care (i.e. watering) necessary for these efforts to thrive in the long haul.

Even without a rake or gloves, all parishioners can contribute to the effort by helping to extend the commemorative walkway by purchasing a paver for $150 and reducing the overall cost of the project. Paver forms are in the bulletin and questions can be directed to Kathy Champignon at

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