Mission Co-Op Weekend July 31-August 1

At the weekend liturgies of July 31 – August 1, a Pallottine priest, Fr. Vijaya Raju SAC, will provide a virtual message about the missionary work of the Pallottines in India as part of our parish participation in the Diocese of Metuchen Missionary Co-Operative Plan.

Fr. Vijaya Raju  is presently serving St. Rita, St. John, St Francis Xavier and Our Lady of Holy Rosary Catholic Parishes, as Pastor in the diocese of Fort Worth, Texas. Prior to this he has worked in India and has knowledge of the missions. He is a member of Gloria Dei Region, India.  Pallottines have given great service to the faithful in our diocese and to United States for years.

The congregation, of the Pallottine Fathers and Brothers, is present in 53 countries all over the world. In India, Pallottines have been involved in the work of evangelization for the last 71 years. Recently, they have been working among the covid-19 affected families. We have been involved in providing basic necessities to the families who lost their jobs, struggling to survive. The Pallottines work in partnership with laity throughout the world furthering the church’s mission to renew faith and rekindle love. The help and support of many generous people all over the world, makes it possible to continue God’s work. Your own efforts to support the Missions all over the world are greatly appreciated. Know that when you give to the Missions, you give to a good cause. For more information on the Pallottines visit: https://www.gloriadeipallottines.com or https://www.sacapostles.org

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