Our Lady of Guadalupe & Christmas Schedules 2022

The feasts of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Christmas will fill our church and thousands around the world in December.  This year, with the vigil of Our Lady of Guadalupe falling on a Sunday, and Christmas entirely on a weekend, schedules are less crowded than last year.

December 12: Our Lady of Guadalupe: The remote celebration of the feast begins on Saturday, December 3, when a nightly novena begins at 6:40pm each day.  (For the two Sundays of the novena, the time is moved to after the 12noon Mass.)

The feast will be celebrated in earnest beginning on the evening of Sunday, December 11, with two Masses in Spanish, at 7pm and 11pm.  On Monday, December 12, we’ll have our regular 8:30am Mass in English, with a special 7pm Mass in Spanish to cap the festivities.  Check back closer to December 12 for special events between the Mass hours.

December 25:  Nativity of Our Lord: Join us as we celebrate Christmas! This year, St. Joseph Catholic Community will offer five Masses over a 21-hour period Friday-Saturday, December 24-25 to celebrate the birth of the Messiah.

Here is our 2022 Christmas Mass schedule:


3:00pm — “COVID-Conscious Christmas” Mass (led by the pastor in English) — this Mass is especially geared toward those who are immuno-compromised and/or have a number of reasons to still be very careful about being in a public space during the confluence of flu, COVID-19 and other infectious vectors. As with last year, there will be NO music at this Mass, and, our social distanced/masked section seating will be strictly enforced.

5:00pm — English Christmas Eve Mass

7:00pm — Spanish Christmas Eve Mass


8:00am — English Christmas Mass at Dawn

12:00 noon — Spanish Christmas Mass During the Day


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