Pastor’s Homily — 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Mark 4:26-34

So we are back in green vestments for Sunday, back in numbered Sundays, and back to the Gospel of Mark.

Mark’s Gospel can be summarized as a how-to for discipleship, but we are so early in the Gospel still – the fourth chapter – that today’s lesson is more, “why be a disciple?”

Why? Because you are invited to participating in the evolving process of the reign of God.

Today’s Gospel wisdom teaching speaks of unknown growth and change as part of the evolving process of the reign of God.

And so, faith is a verb more than a noun.  God is relational and dynamic more than a static object.

With God and with us, things are always going somewhere. There’s always at least a seed in the ground, and more often, there’s something new and there’s something more happening.

Here in Bound Brook, I enjoy my glimpses into the secret lives of nature, how my known routine is interrupted by unknown moments. The hawks you can almost always find in the cemetery around dawn, the foxes around the neighborhood a little later in the morning.  Where do they come from? Where do they go?  It doesn’t matter.

Our job is to wake up to all mystery, wake up to possibility, and not try to put God in a box.  When we do that, we are the only ones who lose.

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