Pastor’s Homily — 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Who do you say that I am?” This question is an invitation to go beyond the easy answer. For example, if you asked your friend this question, or your spouse, you would not want them to simply say “friend” or “spouse.” You would want something more.
When Jesus asks this question today, he also wants his disciples to journey more deeply. Fortunately, Peter says, “You are the Messiah.” Now there is a new understanding. Now the relationship has been clarified. For the first time, Jesus is known as Messiah by his disciples.
This week in Slovakia, Pope Francis will give a new understanding, a clarification of the relationship between Slovakia and the church. These are exciting days for the Slovak people, and for many others.
We do well, in all of our important relationships, to continue again and again to clarify, to deepen, to renew. This is how we grow. But it is not easy work. It is a deeply personal action. We cannot depend on the crowds. And we ultimately never reach a final answer in this life. We are always on the way. On the way to deeper mercy, deeper emptying of the self, deeper forgiving. We are always answering, again and again, who Jesus is for us. We are always acknowledging God’s active presence in our lives. We are always taking the invitiation to follow Jesus on the way.

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