Pastor’s Homily — Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

15 AUG 2021: Solemnity of the Assumption

All of a sudden, the feast of the Assumption pops up this Sunday and reminds us of where we’re really going.  Mary is the first fruit of the new humanity.  And so today is an opportunity to join our hopes with that glorious and eternal future where we believe humanity is ultimately going.

This is a feast of fulfillment.  The completion of the journey.  The fulfillment of Mary’s life of saying “Yes” to God, of living in the presence and action of God.  Hope for the fulfillment of the world order, as expressed in Mary’s Magnificat.

There was an understanding of the Assumption of Mary dating all the way back to the fifth century, but it was only formally established as a doctrine about 70 years ago, at a time when the world was dealing with the aftermath of nuclear bombings in Japan and the firebombing of Europe in World War II.  The Assumption points to another future for our bodies.

In some cultures, today is a day to bless fruit and herbs, to bless gifts of creation as they reach fulfillment.  As we continue our pilgrim way on earth, may we follow the path of Mary toward our own fulfillment in Christ.  Now that we know where humanity is ultimately going, may we align our paths into this way of peace.

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