Third Sunday of Advent — Pastor’s Homily

As we begin the second half of Advent, we continue to prepare the way of the Lord through the teaching of John the Baptist.

Three times we hear the people ask John, “What should we do?”   And three times John gives very specific answers to each group.  And all of the responses are social, they have consequences for others.

This is very important.  Sometimes we believe that living a good Christian life is something that is only personal and also something where we only avoid sinful things.  That is not correct.  Our faith has an active social and community dimension.

So, for example, “What should we do?”  Well, get a vaccine!  Yes, receiving a vaccine is part of our social responsibility, how could it not be for reasonable faith-minded people? I am amazed and disappointed when I hear of parishioners who do not have a vaccine. John the Baptist would not be happy with you!  There have been ninety-four deaths in our parish family because of the virus, and we do not want any more.

“What should we do?” Take good care of our Mother Earth.  Do not waste food, recycle your paper and plastic, grow trees and flowers.

“What should we do?”Promote the dignity of all human life, in every way.  Do not participate in gossip. Try to encourage people. Do not practice racism or prejudice. Be kind to everyone.

And so on.  Examples abound in the social sphere alone.

We are all looking forward to the light of Christ coming to the world at Christmas.  And when we live our faith as individuals AND as members of society,  our light best reflects the light of Christ every day.

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