Third Sunday of Lent (C) — Pastor’s Homily

This is a strange Gospel, it starts off sounding like the daily news. First, we hear the example of the people killed while in the middle of worship, other people are killed when a tower falls on them. This could be like the latest massacre by the Russian war criminals against Ukraine, or the latest mass shooting in the United States in a house of worship.

But in both examples, Jesus adds mention of what this means for us… “Unless you repent…”  We need to repent.

The final example, of the fig tree, makes this clear. The fig tree is the center of the last part of the Gospel passage, and it is the image we need to consider for the entire Gospel today. That tree is you and me. And it is all of us together. Everything in Christian life depends on our continuing conversion.  And this is always the decisive hour. What do we need to do to change our lives and become fruitful for Christ? If a fruit tree is alive, we know what we need to do to help it grow: water, soil, fertilizer. Every adult in Christ ought to know what to do to save our soul. Now is the time to live and act with urgency.

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