Fourth Sunday of Advent — Pastor’s Homily

Luke 1:39-45

Beyond the drama of today’s Gospel of the Visitation, there is an atmosphere with a lot of positive energy and movement…Mary traveled “in haste”…Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit, cried out in a loud voice…and there are greetings and blessings all around.

One fruit of our Christian way of life is living with a distinct energy.  On paper, for example, we believe we live as a people of hope. We believe we are all brothers and sisters. We have faith that God is with us.  But from the doctrine to real life, this can — and maybe ought to — translate to an outer attitude and expression throughout our daily lives.

We see this here in the parish, for example, with our charismatic movement and our divine mercy members, who carry themselves in a warm, prayerful, hospitable and upbeat manner. When there are many of these members inside the church, there is a positive change and you can easily feel it.

So, are you living your Christian life without any special energy? Then perhaps it is time to renew your relationship with Christ.  It’s always possible to begin anew with Christ, who is always available. We begin to be filled with the Holy Spirit, as Elizabeth was, by opening our hearts to God in the first place.  And when we experience the possibilities of an open heart — the infinite — our lives and our energies will change, for the better.

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