How can our parish community care for our common home? One way is to prayerfully apply Pope Francis’ landmark 2015 encyclical on the environment, “Laudato Si.

There are obvious protocols that we’ve begun to establish around the buildings and grounds of the parish: more comprehensive recycling, composting, saving energy with solar lighting in the parking lot, and the like. But there’s plenty more to do.

We’ve also begun the practice of outdoor Masses in the summer months (“Blue Sky Mondays”) and to prayerfully mark the Season of Creation (September 1-October 4) with Masses or prayer services either outside the church or in our parish cemetery.

In addition, we plan to do further education, advocacy and engagement on creation themes and their impact on families, the parish and our planet.  In May 2021, Pope Francis announced a 7-year action plan to further implement Laudato Si.  We expect to be involved in this action plan.

Here are some helpful resources:


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