Steps to Baptize at St. Joseph:

  1. Complete Baptism Registration Form (below).
  2. Attend a one-time Baptism Class. If you previously attended a Baptism class, this requirement has been met. Parents must attend, and if possible godparents should attend. Dates for baptism classes are available on the baptism form.
  3. Godparents must obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship from the parish where they worship.
  4. The suggested donation for Baptism is $50-$100 per family.

Children’s baptisms are celebrated communally during our weekend Masses:

Baptisms in English are celebrated on: Saturdays at the 5:00 pm Mass; Sundays at the 8:00 am Mass

Baptisms in Spanish are celebrated on: Saturdays at the 7:00 pm Mass; 1st Sunday of the month during the 12:00 pm Mass; 3rd Sunday of the month at 1:30 pm

Requirements to be a Godparent/Sponsor:

  1. Only one godparent is required, but you may have two.
  2. If you choose two, one must be a practicing Catholic. The other may be either a practicing Catholic or another Baptized person. He/she cannot be a “former” Catholic under any circumstances. Also, if you choose two, one must be male and one must be female. Church law does not provide for more than two Sponsors.
  3. Sponsors cannot be either parent of the one to be Baptized.
  4. All Catholics chosen as a Sponsor must also satisfy all of the following Church requirements:
    1. Must be at least 14 years of age.
    2. Must be Baptized, received First Eucharist and Confirmation.
    3. If married, must be married before a Catholic Priest or Deacon, or before another clergyman with dispensation from the Bishop.
    4. Attend Mass regularly on Sundays (or Saturday evening) and Holy Days of Obligation.
    5. Receive the sacraments of the church regularly.