Pastor’s Homily — 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Matthew 21:33-43.

 Today is the third and final – and the worst – of consecutive Sunday parables that are set in the vineyard.  Lots of violence, murder and mayhem.

The teaching of this parable is not simply a message against violence or murder, although that’s an obvious part of the lesson.

The teaching is more of a warning, not to mistreat what has been entrusted to us.  We are all tenants, not owners of God’s gifts.

There is a responsibility to care for what has been given to us, to produce and to bear fruit.

As we end the Season of Creation, we just have to look at the difference between caring for creation in a fruitful way that acknowledges God as the real owner, versus thinking everything is ours to use, abuse, waster or destroy as we please.

In the second reading, Paul prays for the God of peace to be with his people.  Peace is not simply the absence of violence,it’s the fruit of right relationship, knowing who we are and whose we are.

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