2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time — Pastor’s Homily

John 2:1-11

We have the expression, “the life of the party.”  This usually refers to a person, or people, at a party — a wedding, a quinceanera, a birthday party — who contribute to the celebration with their energy, their personality, maybe their dancing, their humor.  Many times, the life of the party is also a drunk.

We can say that Jesus became the life of the party at a wedding in Cana. He did not need to drink, he did not need to dance.  He contributed to the celebration by literally adding to the good flow of the wine and then the resulting fellowship from the discovery.

There are many, many interpretations behind this first miracle of Jesus.  For example, one popular interpretation is that Jesus performed this miracle to sanctify the institution of marriage. OK, that’s good.

But I think there is a wider interpretation.  Jesus was the life of the party so that we can be the life of the party of life on this planet.

We live in serious times, deadly times.  There is the pandemic, now in year number three. There is anger, there is mental illness, there is division, there is Russia.

But, we are still in the middle of a party.

Creation is a feast, yes also in the middle of winter.  We are destroying creation perhaps partially because we do not celebrate it enough.  Christians are called to be life to the celebration of creation that happens every day.

Humanity is a feast, a riot of different gifts and personalities and cultures. Christians are called to be the life of the party of humanity, to encourage, accompany and protect.

Listen to this wonderful poem from Hafiz, the fourteenth century Iranian poet, and make this poem your prayer this week:

I sometimes forget that

I was created for joy

My mind is too busy

My heart is too heavy

Heavy for me to remember

that I have been

called to dance

the sacred dance for life

I was created to smile

to love to be lifted up

and lift others up

O sacred one

Untangle my feet

from all that ensnares

Free my soul

That we might


and that our dancing

might be contagious.

Let the people say Amen.

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