68 Youngsters to Receive 1st Communion on Sunday, June 2 (More or Less)

68 parish boys and girls are in their final stages of preparation to receive First Eucharist.  The goal is to have as many of them as possible to do so on Sunday, June 2 at a special 9:30am Mass for the Feast of the Body & Blood of Jesus Christ, but the large amount of children will push the church’s capacity limits.

In light of the anticipated crush, families have been offered the option to receive First Communion at other regularly-scheduled Masses in the vicinity of June 2, and several have taken up the invitation.

The batch of First Communicants is the first to go completely through our new-ish Family Faith Formation program, since it was launched in January 2022.   One of the main hopes of this program, with families attending sessions and Masses together, is that more families will maintain church attendance after First Communion.   We will find out on the weekend of June 8-9!   In the meantime, let us pray for these families, and especially the children who will receive Communion.   And a special work of thanks to their catechists and parish staff who assisted their movement through the program over the past two years.

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