“Family Matters” Now Seeks Participating Families

“Family Matters,” a new project of the Lawrenceville-based Goodfaith organization, along with RENEW International, is ready to launch at St. Joseph Catholic Community.

This alternative to our regular religious education program seeks to empower parents and caregivers to understand the “why” of their faith. Family Matters parents will gain a deeper understanding of their own power and acquire the knowledge, language and skill set to empower their children in the same way.

Family Matters is meant to bridge the gap for families with children in the in-between years of preparation for the sacraments of First Eucharist and Confirmation.

There is a focus on Catholic Social Doctrine in the content of the program.  Mentors from within the parish will be provided to the parents to give the program an intergenerational wisdom.

We’ll be looking to start the program with at least 4-6 families.   The first public event will be a listening session at a time determined in the spring.   Then, starting in the summer or fall, they will begin an approximately 18-month journey through the program content.

Interested families are invited to contact any of our Family Faith Formation leaders to alert us to your interest.  First come, first serve in terms of reaching our goal of several families.

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