Parish Embarks on Feasibility Study in Advance of Possible Fundraising Campaign

St. Joseph Catholic Community, under the guidance of the Diocese of Metuchen, has launched a feasibility study among parishioners aimed at determining whether or not to hold a fundraising campaign.

In pulpit messages and mailings in the first days of March, the need for such a study was set forth.  St. Joseph is facing a chronic annual deficit of approximately $100,000, reducing reserve funds to a worrisome level.  At the same time, repairs are needed to the parking lot and roof, while maintenance is required for the HVAC system.  These projects could amount to an additional $200,000 drain on finances.

An excerpt from the pastor’s letter is as follows:

“As 2026 approaches, we prepare to celebrate 150 years of St. Joseph’s fruitful service in Bound Brook. We go forth on a journey of reflection, gratitude, and renewal. Our theme, “Celebrating 150 Years: St. Joseph’s Journey of Faith, Hope, and Renewal,” encapsulates the essence of our history and the vision for our future.

Our parish campus, as condensed as it is right now under the one roof, requires attention, repairs, and maintenance to continue fulfilling the needs of our parishioners and the broader community. As we face the task of addressing these pressing needs, it becomes imperative for us to evaluate our capacity.

To gain clarity on the future trajectory of our parish and explore innovative solutions for sustainability, I am seeking your valuable insights and perspectives on our ability to undertake these endeavors. Your input will play a pivotal role in prioritizing our initiatives and charting a course forward.

Over the past months, our Parish Finance Council has meticulously examined the physical requirements of our parish, considering both ongoing maintenance and anticipated repairs. Enclosed with this letter are the recommendations stemming from our assessments for your careful consideration.

I write to you today with a special request for your thoughts on these needs and the feasibility of meeting the associated costs. Your participation in this feasibility study is crucial as we endeavor to gather comprehensive insights before making any decisions regarding fundraising efforts.”

It is expected that a decision will be reached in April.  If the parish opts for a fundraising campaign, it will first need to be cleared with the Diocese of Metuchen.

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