Pastor’s Homily — 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

In our three readings today, Joshua, Paul, and Jesus insist that their listeners make decisions. We are always invited to a deeper level of relationship with God. God is always ready. It is our decision to follow more deeply.

The decisions we make each day are a good indication of who and what is important to us. For example, if I took your phone, and looked at your history of phone calls and messages, I’ll know somewhat who or what is important to you. If I’ve followed you around Bound Brook for a couple of weeks I would know where you spend the most time, most energy, most money. Who is first? Where is God in his life?

Five years ago, Pope Francis invited everyone to follow the Lord once again. He said the following:

“I invite every Christian, in whatever place and situation he may find himself, to renew right now his personal encounter with Jesus Christ or, at least, to make the decision to allow himself to be found by him, to try every day without rest. There is no reason for anyone to think that this invitation is not for him, because “no one is excluded from the joy reported by the Lord” .

Perhaps right now we can repeat these words with the Pope: «Lord, I have allowed myself to be deceived / in a thousand ways I escaped your love / but here I am again / to renew my alliance with you /. I need you/. Rescue me again, Lord / accept me once more into your redeeming arms »./

As our Eucharist continues, let us joyfully continue our renewal in the Lord.

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