Pastor’s Homily — 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Ephphatha!  (‘that means ‘be opened’)”. This short statement from Jesus is the key to today’s Gospel.
This combined action of word and gesture of touching ears and mouth is so important that it is part of our baptism ritual today.
To grow in faith is to open ourselves more and more to the mystery. We don’t need to learn more, we don’t need to do more Christian things — although these are clearly helpful —  but we do need to delve more into mystery and wisdom, from which the most profound knowledge and action flows. This is how we grow at the deepest levels.
Those who live their Christian life in tranquility, peace, and maturity often describe their faith as a spaciousness, a breadth of spirit. This is what we would all want, I think.
Where are the blocks in your life? When is the difficulty? This is where we start. We ask Jesus to help create an opening. And we await his loving response: “Ephphatha!”

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