Pastor’s Homily — 2nd Sunday of Advent

How can we be like John the Baptist?  There are aspects of his life that today would be repulsive and very eccentric: the whole eating locusts-and-honey thing, or wearing just camel hair.

But in preparing the way for others to experience God’s presence and power, it’s there we find some common ground for us to share in John’s legacy.

Living a stand-alone example of faith is of course important, and to be humble in our life in God is good, but we also probably have circles of people – especially in our families – to whom we can hand off our faith in an ongoing interactive way, just as the faith was likely handed to us by parents and grandparents in the context of those relationships.

In our readings today, communities are longing for God to intervene.  Isaiah, Peter and John the Baptist were all figures who helped prepare the way for a deeper experience of God or Christ. And so can we be one of those figures.

Right now might be as good a time as any to announce that our parish has been selected to participate in a new project called “Families Matter.”  A small group of volunteers will come together – parents and mentors – to become more empowered in the knowledge and practice of their faith.   The target group of families are those with children in their gap years between 1st Communion and Confirmation.   The role of mentors is open to anyone.  Let us know if you’re interested in participating.

Meanwhile, in a less official way, everyone can prepare the way of the Lord, for themselves and others around them.

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