Late Advent Momentum to Roll Into Christmas

After the Our Lady of Guadalupe festivities that begin with a novena and pretty much with Advent itself, continuing until about the midpoint of the shortened season, with Masses on December 11-12, we persist in building Advent momentum at the parish with special events right up until Christmas itself.

On Monday, December 18 at 7pm, we are presenting an exercise called “Visio Divina.”  If this sounds a lot like Lectio Divina, then you’re not far off.  Unlike Lectio Divina, which typically uses a Scripture text, Visio Divina features images.   We will have several images displayed in the church, and we will be lead through an approximately 25-minute exercise where, as in Lectio Divina, we allow the items to read us through our gaze.  All are welcome to this structured activity which is appropriate for a season of “watching” and “waiting.”


Many people do not feel the hope and joy of the Christmas season.  For them, our special “Solstice Solace” Mass on Thursday, December 21 at 7pm, which includes Anointing of the Sick.  This Mass is pretty much our monthly St. Sharbel Mass for Healing, repackaged for those who are especially feeling the holiday blues.  Please do not hesitate to invite and/or accompany someone you know who may benefit from this special service.

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